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SAFETY OVER FASHION (also, you look like an idiot)

18 Feb

Sure, many of us are not fans of that white stuff (me however, I wish for heaps of it every day :)) The summer months are a breeze… shorts, t-shirts, flip flops and most importantly, sipping ice cold drinks and spending your days outside with friends. You know these days are coming to an end, time to put away those open-toed sandals, those flip flops and especially THOSE HIGH HEELS.

Many countries and cities experience this, we all know it’s coming. Aside from LA, summer attire is not a 365-day thing. I live in Toronto, I know once October hits, it’s time to polish my winter boots… snow is not far ahead. If I know this, surely others know this as well. When faced with 5, 10, 15+ CM of snow, wearing flip flops is not the best idea. So why is it, women feel the need to wear high heels 365 days a year? We know high heels are fashionable, they go with that dress, they make you feel sexy, they match that purse, they give you height, or maybe you paid $500 for them and feel the need to wear your $500 shoes – but in the end, you end up wrecking them. Salt, wet and dirty snow is not your friend.

Boots were made for a reason. They keep your feet warm, they’re waterproof, most can handle -30 degrees weather, AND they’re getting more stylish every day!

But why, why with the thousands and thousands of fashionable boots, do women feel the need to look like idiots? And all that ice and slushy snow, aren’t you afraid of falling and snapping something? Is fashion *really* that necessary over your safety? Don’t you want 10 toes?

This is not hot. You don’t look sexy, nobody can see your dress, nobody realizes that your boots match that purse, and most importantly, in a blizzard, nobody cares that your boots cost a month’s pay. So why I ask, WHY?

I’m here to save you!

“But I’m a fashionable, successful business woman! I need heels to wear in the office”

And you can! Nobody is stopping you from wearing heels in the office. Why not purchase a pair of classic black pumps? They go with everything. Why not try Aldo Shoes:
PRICE: $70.00
*also comes in black-multi, and multi-colour


Feeling splurgy? Go no further than
Christian Louboutin
PRICE: $800


“But my purse isn’t big enough to carry the shoes!”

We’re women. No bag is ever big enough 😉 But why not invest in something stylish? A classic tote is stylish and can carry all your belongings.

PRICE: $41

Feeling Splurgy?
PRICE: $2,500


“But I don’t know what boots to buy!”

Chestnut Nightfall UGGS
PRICE: $395
(They’re warm, fashionable, and you don’t even have to wear socks!)


Joan Of Arctic Sorel’s
PRICE: $130
*also comes in black and brown
SIZES: 5-12


Now look at this lady. She is styling. And you can too!