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A Hard Day’s Night..

15 Apr



I bought this bag in Las Vegas in The Beatles store after I saw the Cirque du Solei LOVE show (Fabulous by the way, absolutely fabulous). Honestly, didn’t really need it, I have a couple awesome gym bags from Lululemon (they are fantastic). But this? It’s The Beatles… you don’t put back the Beatles 🙂 So I bought it, plus, look how pretty it is 🙂

This bag is huge, it’s perfect for the gym, carrying all my school books, or back and forth from the cottage. It does have a zip up at the inside-side of the bag so you can put your change or wallet, phone etc., just so you don’t get it mixed up with your other stuff. I’m a huge fan of knapsacks as well. But it’s always nice to switch bags.

I highly suggest picking up a stylish bag. Some can get expensive, the bigger ones in lululemon will set you back about $100, but considering the smaller ones are not too far behind, always pay a little extra for the bigger 🙂 Plus the bigger the bag, the more you can fit!

PRICE: $99+tax US

Lululemon Strikes Again

15 Mar

I’m telling you, my sister and I should never go into LuluLemon again, because we just end up buying everything!

For one thing, we both own a few of these hoodies (which are perfect for those breezy summer nights, and chilly winter mornings). I purchased this for no other reason than the fact that it is ORANGE. I am a huge fan of orange! I know it’s bright… people are afraid of it. But I love orange. Made me kind of sad because they now have headbands in an orange/black combination. I already own three 😛

It’s bright, sunny and cheerful, what more could you want?

Also, I could not pass this up. I already own 3 backpacks, or is it knapsacks? Aside from how pretty it looks, it has a place for just about everything.
The Cruiser Backpack
Photobucket Photobucket

– The top front bump you see is a place to hold your glasses, and it’s hard-padded, so I will actually feel comfortable putting my glasses in there.
– It has a slot in the back to slide in your laptop.
– The bottom of the pack has a pull out where you place your yoga mat and it snaps across the front, so you won’t lose it.
– A pocket on the side that actually holds a decent sized water bottle
– A camera pocket
– A shoulder strap pocket for your cell phone (easy grabbing!)
– A place for your wallet / your change
– The best pocket I love is the one that separates your wet clothes from everything else

Cruiser Pack – $89 + tax
Hoodie – $98 + tax

Canadian Olympic FAIL

24 Feb


Remember when ROOTS provided the athletes with the olympic clothing? I remember running around to all the stores just to find the awesome red track pants. Roots did well. The clothing was praised. But then HBC (Hudson’s Bay Company) came into the picture and everything seemed to go down-hill after that.

What happened Roots? How can you lose the bid to the Bay? I’m sure you’re all familiar with those white-dominant clothes with the signature colours – you know the ones we all make fun of when we see people wearing them out in public. Well, 2006 came around and the clothes were trashed. Nobody cared, and to tell you the truth, I couldn’t even tell you what they looked like – easily forgettable.

And 2010 comes around, and the clothes are still getting bad reviews. As I watched the snowboarders, I kept saying WHY ARE THEY WEARING JEANS? HOW CAN THEY POSSIBLY SNOWBOARD IN JEANS?

Well, US, bravo. They are not jeans, but look-alike baggy jeans! With a stylish shirt.

And now I bring you the Canadian gear. Keep in mind, the US Gear on the athletes, you can purchase (I have provided a link to the Ralph Lauren website to purchase). The gear for the athletes is only for them, so obviously, someone fucked up somewhere, because we got screwed.

Please tell me, what do these have to do with Canada or the Olympics, all I see is lame self-city-promotion.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

(NO really, what is this chain look?)

And what Canadian Olympic gear am I wearing? LULULEMON’S CHEER GEAR, and ROOTS 2004 Canadian Olympic Gear. Read my entry about my latest Cheer Gear

But I guess you can’t say everything is bad – I did purchase this guy.

And look at his mittens, how could I not? 🙂

In my opinion, aside from that red/black jacket with the white “CANADA,” US did it best.
Ralph Lauren Clothes the US Olympics

And more controversy …
Why are the CANADIAN Olympic Clothing made in China?

Canada is told to LOOSEN up

LuLulemon’s Take on the ugly Canadian Olympic Gear – and how they would have made it better!

It cost $800 to clothe an Vancouver Olympic Volunteer

Canadian Olympic Clothing Logo = TORY Logo?

Canadian Olympic Clothing, one word, YUCK!

Olympic Fashion; Highs & Lows


2 Feb

What better way to show off your Canadian pride than some Cheer Gear from Lululemon Athletica.

(inside of the hoody)

(back of the hoody)

and the famous gold zipper, that caused all that controversy. *note, I added my little Italian Lululemon Flag Pulls (pack of 5) $8.00

Other Cheer Gear includes: USA, Sweden and Germany. I went into Lululemon before Christmas looking for the Canadian Cheer Gear, but everything was sold out. I did manage to score my sister the USA Remix Hoody – complete with silver zipper.

And now I have my own set of Cheer Gear. I passed on the umbrella with the (actual) hockey stick handle, and the little bottle of black paint you can use to “black out” some teeth. The SA tried to convince me to purchase it, by also stating she’s tried it and it “tingles” and made her mouth “slightly numb.” If it was a no before, it was a definite SUPER NO after that.

Complete with my Vancouver Olympics 2010 red gloves, I’ll be ready to cheer on Canada 🙂

PRICE: $48.00 (SORRY tee)


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