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Tip of the Day!

23 Feb


1. GHD Straightening Iron
Your all-in-one styling tool. Gives you poker-straight hair, creates waves, and is perfect for taming misbehaving and cow-lick-ridden fringes!

2. Dry Shampoo
Thank heavens for shampoo in a can! Never again will we have to resort to talcum powder. It’s great for situations when you don’t have time to wash your hair, and perfect for adding body to fine hair.

Hairhouse Warehouse, ‘Klorane’ Gentle Dry Shampoo $16.50

3. Curling Tongs
Use to achieve loose, voluminous or perfect spiral curls. They come in a range of sizes so you can get the desired look down-pat, every time.

Hairhouse Warehouse, ‘BaBylissPRO’ Ceramic Curler with bonus Rusk Flat Iron Thermal Spray and Tail Comb, $99.95

4. Elnet Spray
The worlds best hair spray. Has the ultimate hold and is the weapon-of-choice backstage at Paris Fashion week. The best part is, it doesn’t build up so no more hairspray-induced greasy hair, and you can reapply as often as needed. 

Price Attack, ‘L’Oreal Professionnel Paris’ Elnett Satin Hairspray, $19.95 (500ml)

5. Thick Hair Bands
Make your own by cutting up a pair of opaque black stockings. The elasticised waist-band is perfect for pulling your hair back while applying makeup. Alternatively, for a fashion edge, cut the leg into four pieces and voila! The new-era scrunchie!

David Jones, Thick Hair Bands, $4.95

6. Leave-In Conditioner And Thermal Protector
Absolutely essential. It’s like a facial for your locks and should be done regularly to keep your hair hydrated and protected from heat-styling tools as well as the environment.

Kmart, ‘L’Oreal Paris’ Elvive Anti-Breakage Thermo-Active Milk’ $11.45 (200ml) & ‘L’Oreal Professionnel Paris’ Serie Expert Thermo Repair, $25.00 (150ml)

7. Tail Comb
Small, cheap and multi-functional. Great for sectioning hair and creating parts, braiding, teasing and can even be used to neaten up your brows!

Priceline, Tail Comb, $2.99

8. Strong-Hold Sectioning Clips
The easiest way to manage your mane. Keep it sectioned and out of the way whilst styling. Ensure you choose ones with a good grip- when you shake your head they shouldn’t fall out.

Priceline, ‘Lady Jayne’ Sectioning Clips, $5.49

9. Bobby Pins
Whoever Bobby was, we love her. These little beauties are perfect for taming unruly hair, keeping your fringe out of your eyes and for keeping updos in red carpet-worthy condition.

Hairhouse Warehouse, 999 Premium Bobby Pins, $14.99

10. Mason and Pearson Scalp Brush
This is the crème-de-la-crème of hairbrushes. It is not mass-produced and most of the work is carried out by hand using techniques founded by the original designer. It has an amazing massaging effect on the scalp and is available in a mixture of natural pure boar bristle and nylon.
David Jones, ‘Mason and Pearson’ Hair Brush, $115.00

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