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Flip Flops + Legwarmers

19 Mar

(I highly recommend NOT doing this – as you should scrunch the legwarmers when pairing with flip flops).

I recently came across and article (not entirely sure how; just clicking all over the place) and came across a sort of new fashion/trend: Wearing flip flops with legwarmers.

Not going to lie, I became immediately intrigued. Something so simple, and yet, I never thought of it before. To me, it’s much cooler than the socks + sandals (that’s just a big NO-NO). I just find it interesting and intriguing. I did see some comments about the debate – if you wear flip flops because it’s hot why are you wearing legwarmers (if it’s for cold weather). TO BE STYLISH OF COURSE!

I know many of you are going to easily dismiss it, I mean, look how easily I dismissed the sock + sandals combo. But I’m sticking behind this one. I will be trying this. I owe tons of flip flops (and tons is an understatement), and I own a few pairs of legwarmers (they are perfect for nighttime cottage weather).

I’m trying to think of combinations. I have dark grey + black (thick) striped legwarmers, pairing them with yellow flip flops might be too much, but I think a black pair might work well. Then again, I will be daring, and wearing either my yellow OR orange! Why not be colourful? It’s summertime! Time to be bright, sunny and cheerful 🙂

I also think it would be interesting to wear this combo and once in public, see the reactions form people AND somehow manage to catch their attention and ask them what they’re staring at 😉

So I leave you with photos, and you be the judge.


The Debate!

The Flip Flop + Leg-warmers Crime

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Tip Of The Day!

12 Mar

Best Fashion Show Music Of 2010

We all love music. So why not rock out to songs that our favourite designers use to display their latest fashions?

30 Seconds To Mars – The Fantasy
James Morrison – Get To You
Bon Jovi – It’s My Life
Fall Out Boy – Dance Dance
Radiohead – House Of Cards
Peter Bjorn and John – Young Folks
Doobie Brothers – Listen To The Music
The Beatles – I Am the Walrus
The Hidden Cameras – Music is My Boyfriend
Rihanna – Please Don’t Stop the Music
Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
Mika – Grace Kelly
Duran Duran – Girls On Film

(don’t forget to check out my blog Monday, because I was putting together a workout playlist!)

Tip of The Day!

20 Feb

If you want longer looking legs, stay away from capris. They cut off right at the ankles, giving the impression of shorter legs. Instead, look for boot-cut pants that are uniform in shape all the way down, and elongate your legs.


High-waisted pants are also good leg enhancers as they give off the illusion of longer legs.


and of course Katherine did it best..