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Tip Of The Day!

15 Mar

Top 9 Products for Sensitive Skin


My skin is super sensitive, how about yours? If so… then read on!

1. The Body Shop Aloe Protective Restoring Mask

Price: $14.80 at thebodyshop.com
Recommended by VOGUE Magazine, this mask helps build up your skin’s own protective barrier with all-natural fair-trade aloe. It’s ultra-gentle, with no preservatives, dyes, fragrances, soaps, or alcohol. In other words, it will leave your skin looking radiant and feeling refreshed.

2. ~H2O+ Urban Defense Facial Cleansing Milk

Price: $26.00 at h2oplus.com
If your skin type is sensitive, this product is perfect especially to protect you form environmental pollutants, like smog and smoke. It gently cleanses and calms your skin and provides an effective barrier against the bad stuff.

3. Clinique City Block Sheer Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 25

Price: $17.50 at clinique.com
There’s a very good reason this sunscreen was voted a 2009 InStyle Magazine Best Beauty Buy! It’s lightweight and absorbs perspiration and excess oil, but it’s so gentle you can even use it near your eyes!

4. Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips

Price: $17.50 at clinique.com
Hate trying to remove stubborn lipstick and eyeliner? This is the solution! It’s tough enough to take away waterproof mascara, but gentle enough to use even with your contacts in. Perfect for sensitive skin!

5. Aveda Balancing Infusion for Sensitive Skin

Price: $21.00 at aveda.com
For me, the hardest thing about having sensitive skin is balancing everything I need, because I also have combination skin. This oil helps my skin restore its own natural balance, without irritation or dryness.

6.Aveda Sensitive Skin Care Starter Set

Price: $27.50 at aveda.com
Looking for a holiday gift for a friend with sensitive skin? This would be perfect! It’s an entire skin-care regimen specially formulated for women with even the most sensitive skin, gift-wrapped and ready to give!

7. Clinique Comfort On Call Allergy Tested Relief Cream

Price: $39.50 at clinique.com
Once my skin is irritated by something, be it wind, cold, pollution, smoke, or something else, this cream moisturizer always does the trick. It soothes my skin in the gentlest and simplest of ways, especially during the harsh winter weather.

8. Pangea Organics Italian Red Mandarin with Rose Facial Cream

Price: $36.00 at pangeaorganics.com
How can one simple cream do so much? It soothes, hydrates, balances, and nurtures, all so gently it won’t irritate or over-dry sensitive skin.

9. Pangea Organics Malagasy Ylang Ylang & Linden Facial Cream

Price: $36.00 at pangeaorganics.com
I use this super-gentle cream at night, before bed. It soothes, calms, and hydrates my skin, and it smells heavenly. So it’s sort of a combination gentle organic facial cream and aromatherapy product! Who needs a spa treatment when you have this.

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Tip Of The Day!

5 Mar

How exfoliation helps your skin

Exfoliation makes your skin glow and may even help to prevent wrinkles.

Many of us know the benefits of exfoliation in whisking away complexion-dulling dead skin cells. But it does more than that, says Holly Sherrard, education manager for Dermalogica Canada. “Exfoliating increases cell turnover to reveal newer, healthier skin cells, plus it decreases blackheads, minimizes hyperpigmentation and fine lines, and imparts an all-over healthy glow.” It also helps with hydration. “Cells transitioning from below the skin’s surface to the topmost layer bring with them essential lipids and moisture,” she says.

That’s good news for your face. And what better time than spring to bust out the exfoliants for the body and feet, too? If you’re planning on using a self-tanner, you need to exfoliate to avoid uneven patches (although simply shaving your legs will also exfoliate them).

Whatever you do, don’t take the word “scrub” too literally—especially on the face—because over-exfoliating will result in red, irritated, flaking skin. “Gently massage exfoliants into skin using light pressure,” advises Sherrard.

The beauty aisles tempt us with scrubs laced with essential oils, boosted with moisturizers, and using everything from natural pumice to jojoba microbeads to pulverized grapeseed for refining your skin.

But you can always go back to buffing basics and save some bucks in the process by exfoliating with a humble washcloth or a loofah. Mixing up an easy homemade recipe (like the one below) for skin-softening salt or sugar body scrubs will give you a little spa-at-home moment. And rubbing sand and oil onto your bod the way Brazilians do is about as natural as it gets.


Blend 1/3 cup (75 mL) brown sugar with 1/2 cup (125 mL) oil, such as sweet almond or grapeseed (canola will do in a pinch). Add a few drops of essential oil, such as lavender for calming or lemongrass for energizing. Or, instead of essential oil, add minced ginger, which stimulates circulation, add a drop or two of vanilla extract.


Tip Of The Day!

4 Mar

Myths and truths about your pores

Can pores really open and close, and can you get rid of them for good? We’ve got the truth about your pores—plus, some recommended products to counteract large pores

For many of us, those little holes on our faces known as pores are a little more than an unsightly nuisance. But aside from blemishing our complexions, they do serve a purpose: pores house a hair follicle and sebaceous gland and serve as a gateway for sebum, our skin’s natural oil. “A pore is just a route or a channel for these things to reach the skin’s surface,” says Dr. Kucy Pon, consulting dermatologist for Olay.

While the size of our pores is largely determined by genetics, some pores tend to be bigger than others because of the size of the hair follicle and oil gland. Poor hygiene and the resulting dirt, oil and dead skin cells that often build up can also make pores look bigger. “Pores are generally clogged with sebum and dead skin cells, which naturally slough off from the side of the pore,” says Dr. Lydia Evans, a New York-based consulting dermatologist for L’Oreal. “If a pore becomes clogged, that will temporarily stretch the pore and make it more apparent.”

Excessive clogged pores can lead to another unwelcome skin condition: blackheads and whiteheads. And if your pores seem to be getting bigger as you get older, you’re not imagining things: aging and sun damage also contribute to pore size. “As the skin around a pore loses its firmness when we age, the pore may appear larger because of the lack of support from the surrounding tissue,” says Evans.

Want to know more about your pores? We clear up (ahem) the top three myths and truths about pores.

The myth: Pores open and close
The truth: Despite what your mother told you, you can’t steam your pores open. “Pores do not have muscles around their opening to allow them to open and close,” says Pon. However, steaming the skin can help loosen up underlying debris, making blackheads easier to extract. But it’s best to leave extractions to the professionals, says Evans.

The myth: The “black” in blackheads is dirt
The truth: Those little dots we see across our noses and cheeks are actually the result of oxidation, a chemical reaction involving oxygen and sebum, says Evans. Prevent new blackheads from forming by getting into a regular exfoliating regimen. Use an exfoliating cleanser such as Olay Dual Action Cleanser + Pore Scrub, $12.50 (which can be used daily), and look for ingredients such as salicylic acid, which helps slough off dead skin cells. Try Clinique’s Pore Minimizer Thermal Active Skin Refiner, $36, a twice-weekly treatment that contains both salicylic acid and exfoliating beads to reveal fresher skin.

The myth: You can get rid of pores
The truth: You can’t banish them completely, but with the right skin care, you can make pores less noticeable. “You can make pores look smaller by removing excess sebum, debris and makeup from the pore,” says Pon. Be sure to cleanse twice daily and after an intense workout or whenever you get sweaty or dirty, says Evans. Also look for mattifying or oil-absorbing moisturizers, such as L’Oréal Paris Skin Genesis Pore Minimizing Skin Re-Smoother, $27, or Dermalogica’s Oil Control Lotion, $56, to keep shine at bay. “Oil sitting at the mouth of a pore may reflect light and thereby make the pore appear larger,” says Evans. And avoid the temptation to over-cleanse. “Very frequent washing can inflame the skin and may make your pores look more prominent,” says Evans.


Article from BestHealthMag.ca