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Help Animals and Keep Your Dishes Clean

29 Jan


I’m sure we’ve all seen the commercial – the soft-folksy sound of the guitar, and shots of baby animals covered in oil.

PhotobucketAnd then we see this shot. Someone washing the otter as he hangs onto the edge. Heartbreaking I tell you! Gets me every time. And Dawn’s slogan is 1 Bottle can=$1 TO SAVE WILDLIFE. How can something that helps to save animals be wrong? I needed to try it. Plus, all I could think of was that otter’s paw clutching the edge. So I headed to the store and looked for the special bottle (there are 3 different bottles: a seal, duck or penguin). No otter sad to say 😦 I picked up the seal (blue bottle).

We’re used to Sunlight, and were a bit skeptical to change – but Dawn was not a disappointment! It was really soft on the hands, and cleaned my dishes nice and fast (I usually let them soak in hot water for a few minutes). And it took off the grease! I very much enjoy Dawn, and highly recommend it 🙂

PRICE: $5.90

And here’s the commercial.

Dawn Saves Wildlife

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