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Starbucks to the Rescue!

26 Feb


Ever think you could live at Starbucks? Why not? Infinite supply of hot beverages for those cold winter nights, cool refreshing drinks for those hot summer days, comfy couches to sink into to read the perfect book, and the perfect place to people watch.

Starbucks, for many, has become (almost) a daily routine. If I go shopping, if there’s a Starbucks near by, it’s like I have to go in. I’m not really one to venture to all their drinks – although, I have tried probably 90% of their board. I almost always stick to my:

White Chocolate Mocha – sometimes in variations, sometimes non-fat, and now because Dairy is not my friend, SOY White Chocolate Mocha – and always, 99.9999% ICED. It’s -30 out there? No problem, I’ll still get it iced 🙂 And here’s a picture of my iced white chocolate mocha freezing in those freezing temperatures

Last year I stopped off at Chapters (my favourite place) with my friend Kait (who is also a Chapters/Starbucks lover – we are an awesome team :P). We were grabbing a coffee before heading to those comfy chairs to check out some books. If I feel like a dessert, I usually just grab one of their gigantic cookies and eat it all day. But today was different – they had delicious-looking pretty cupcakes.

– Vanilla Bean
– Red Velvet
– Double Chocolate

We indulged in the Vanilla Bean and the Red Velvet, cutting them both in half to try both. We skipped on the chocolate – not sure why? Seems boring, chocolate is chocolate… right? WRONG. My sister finally tried the double chocolate and I stuck to my Vanilla Bean. DELICIOUS.

The Vanilla Bean is moist, and fluffy. There are tiny sugar sprinkles on top that are simply wonderful… top it off with the perfect warm (or cold 😉 beverage and you’re set.

Tired? And need a wake-up? Definitely go for the
Caramel Macchiato: “reamy mix of vanilla and freshly steamed milk marked with intense Starbucks® espresso, topped with velvety foam and our own proprietary buttery caramel sauce.” – Starbucks (also available iced ;))

PRICE: $2.25 EACH (cupcake)
Grande White Chocolate Mocha: $5.09

So why do many hate Starbucks? Probably 99.9999% of complaints is the price – but the “insane” prices are for the speciality coffees, which is not much different from other coffee franchises.

Tim Hortons Large Coffee: $1.38 (14 ounces) = 10.1 cents per ounce
Starbucks Grande (Large) Coffee: $1.88 (16 ounces) = 8.5 cents per ounce

You be the judge!

And how can you hate Starbucks when they have the (STARBUCKS) Red?




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