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2 Feb

What better way to show off your Canadian pride than some Cheer Gear from Lululemon Athletica.

(inside of the hoody)

(back of the hoody)

and the famous gold zipper, that caused all that controversy. *note, I added my little Italian Lululemon Flag Pulls (pack of 5) $8.00

Other Cheer Gear includes: USA, Sweden and Germany. I went into Lululemon before Christmas looking for the Canadian Cheer Gear, but everything was sold out. I did manage to score my sister the USA Remix Hoody – complete with silver zipper.

And now I have my own set of Cheer Gear. I passed on the umbrella with the (actual) hockey stick handle, and the little bottle of black paint you can use to “black out” some teeth. The SA tried to convince me to purchase it, by also stating she’s tried it and it “tingles” and made her mouth “slightly numb.” If it was a no before, it was a definite SUPER NO after that.

Complete with my Vancouver Olympics 2010 red gloves, I’ll be ready to cheer on Canada 🙂

PRICE: $48.00 (SORRY tee)


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Summer is almost here….

1 Feb

It’s Sunday, I have time to kill, what do I do? GO SHOPPING of course. So I set out with my sister in -15 degree weather and headed to Yorkville (Bay/Bloor area). My main goal

Miss Marc ♥’s Canada shirt. Limited-edition tee sold at Holt Renfrew has been available since January 25th. A tee featuring Mr and Miss. Marc on a ski lift is available in white and light grey (XS-L). I wasn’t convinced. The advertising (an email from Holt Renfrew about new and upcoming products) was worded that, at least to me, seemed like it was a collection of Miss Marc ♥’s Canada line.

It was only the tee. I was not amused. Nor was I convinced. The tee is definitely not for winter wear, and I would assume in highly AC houses in the summer, it wouldn’t work either.

The SA was her charming self (in case you didn’t know, they’re on commission), telling me how fabulous the tee is, and that they can’t keep them on the shelf. So I thought, A) I could be a bitch and tell her how wrong she is, or B) just smile and walk away.

And as I started to walk away she was telling me and my sister that it’s the perfect gift because it comes in a Marc by Marc Jacobs gift box! Oo, how convincing. A $65 dollar box! It seemed others were not amused by Marc’s Canadian love, because limited edition would mean, whatever is on that table is it.. and by the looks of it, I would say almost every single one is still sitting there. I think I’ll stick to his bags.

Which leads us to the second floor: SHOES. And quickly I notice, those big furry snow trekking boots are on one table in the far corner, and I am surrounded by open toe flats, strappy sandals and my personal obsession (besides Starbucks)… FLIP FLOPS.

As I peered over the $500 shoes, and a lot of tackiness that comes with a lot of designers, I hit the Marc Jacobs section. I was drawn to these:

They come in black + white, blue, pink and white. I went with the classic black + white. How cute is this little bird?
Photobucket Photobucket

They don’t come in half-sizes. And because designer shoes are always made for those tiny feet, I knew a size 8 wouldn’t cut it. But the SA was nice, and he brought me out a size 8 and a size 9. The 9 was pretty good, the flip flop was comfy, and not uncomfortable at all. Like many flip flops, you might as well go bare-foot, but these were perfect. Well… the size 9 wasn’t really cutting it either. Weird, I know, but when I told him “perhaps a 10 would be better…” It felt like I fell from a 50-story building. Thankfully he was awesome and just said, “it’s just a number.”

So the 10 was brought out. And voila. I’m ready for summer.

PRICE: $85

Marc Jacobs