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18 Mar


There’s nothing more disgusting than touching bacterial-filled objects out in public (you know what I’m talking about; those door handles, subway poles, and let’s not get started on anything in a public restroom). But there’s hope for your hands!

Enter Bath & Body Works.

As my previous blog entry explains (A MISTY SLEEP) Bath & Body works is fairly new to Toronto. Don’t get me wrong, good ol’ Dove soap bars are still good for you. But I now only pick up Bath & Body Works…..

You can either choose your hand wash in a foam version or cream-based. I have tried both, love both, but my personal preference is the foam wash. And what’s so great is you are not limited to only a couple scents. They have an array of scents! Even categorized by section!

For instance, under the KITCHEN line try the Kitchen Lemon.

Right now I am currently using FESTIVE FIG. It is absolutely wonderful. And another thing that’s so great is you know how you spend tons of money (or not) for scented hand washes only to use it, and the scent disappears down the drain? Well then that product is obviously not from Bath & Body Works! The scent stays on your hands, and it’s subtle so it’s not overpowering.

It’s kind of funny to describe it, but my hands feel really good when washing with the product. And my hands actually feel clean!

It is well worth the money because it will last you a while. Obviously the bottle lasts however long you can stretch it out – you don’t always have to use a full pump, and it depends on how many times a day you wash your hands AND how many other people you are sharing it with! ☺


– Coconut Lime Verbena (I’m obsessed with coconuts, so this one is a given from me!)
– Fresh Linen (Fresh laundry – besides freshly cut grass – is the best smell)
– Sea Island Cotton (Smells like a tropical island)

PRICE: 5 bottles for $20

Purchase yours now!

A Misty Sleep

4 Mar


I don’t know about you, but I love love LOVE The Body Shop. Especially the creams that came in those tubs. And then I discovered BATH & BODY WORKS. I always heard about it from my friends in the US, but shame, no Canadian store. Every year when we would visit Las Vegas, I would stock up. Until last year, when I didn’t have to stock up anymore – Bath & Body Works finally made its way to Toronto!

I don’t know if it’s the bright lights, pretty colours everywhere, or the relaxing smell.. but it’s almost magical. They have everything for anything. Just for Christmas, I purchased their snow man and Santa shaped foam hand wash.

Everything is categorized, bathroom / kitchen / living room / bedroom. Well, I headed over to the spa/aromatherapy section. They had an array of essential burning oils and pillow mists. I picked up the lavender-chamomile, because I’ve always read those combinations (alone or together) are the most soothing and calming.

(close up of the bottle)

Spray a couple spritz’s on your pillows (allow a few seconds to dry), and voila. I was first skeptical about it. But it is a well-invested product 🙂 It has a lovely calming scent, and best of all, it’s not overpowering and like most scents, does not give me a headache!

You don’t have to spray it every night, but I usually spray it about 3-4 times a week, sometimes more depending on how tired I am.

PRICE: $10.00