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iHome for your iPod

3 Mar


The best home for your ipod.
A major plus is your ipod charges while in its docking station.

It includes (which is my favourite): alarm settings to complement your lifestyle so you can awaken to your own custom iPod playlist at different times on different days, a remote control, AM/FM radio with presets and programmable snooze settings.

– Extra-large, backlit custom LCD Display with dimmer (so you can control how much light is in your room at night)
– Remote control
– 7-5-2 Alarm settings for full weeks, weekdays, and weekends

I live by the iHome. It even travels to the cottage with me! It’s perfect to set up while on the deck and crank up the tunes 😛 Even at night while relaxing after dinner.

PRICE: $88+

iHome Audio


27 Jan

Ah, the Apple iPad. It’s been on the rumour lists for a few months now. Finally, McGraw-Hill CEO Terry McGraw confirmed that their textbooks will be available for the iPad. So why is it so awesome?

Just look at it! Isn’t it pretty? It’s a 7-10 inch touch-screen, similar to the iphone. Apparently, McGraw-Hill has been in talks with Apple for quite a while now, but should we take his recent comments seriously? It’s not like a CEO to blast a secret that’s been in the works for months now.

I guess we’ll have to see in the days (or months) ahead.

PRICE: $1,000 +/-

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