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A Life Of Ease :)

1 Feb

starting this up again!


1 Feb

Long time no… talk?

I’ve decided to bring this back! 🙂


12 May

I guess I kind of forgot about this… 😦

I miss it.

A Hard Day’s Night..

15 Apr



I bought this bag in Las Vegas in The Beatles store after I saw the Cirque du Solei LOVE show (Fabulous by the way, absolutely fabulous). Honestly, didn’t really need it, I have a couple awesome gym bags from Lululemon (they are fantastic). But this? It’s The Beatles… you don’t put back the Beatles 🙂 So I bought it, plus, look how pretty it is 🙂

This bag is huge, it’s perfect for the gym, carrying all my school books, or back and forth from the cottage. It does have a zip up at the inside-side of the bag so you can put your change or wallet, phone etc., just so you don’t get it mixed up with your other stuff. I’m a huge fan of knapsacks as well. But it’s always nice to switch bags.

I highly suggest picking up a stylish bag. Some can get expensive, the bigger ones in lululemon will set you back about $100, but considering the smaller ones are not too far behind, always pay a little extra for the bigger 🙂 Plus the bigger the bag, the more you can fit!

PRICE: $99+tax US

Here Comes The Bride….

14 Apr


Victorian Band
Sophisticated design with glamorous Tiffany diamonds. Band ring with round brilliant and marquise-cut diamonds in platinum.
PRICE: $16,200

Have you ever thought about your engagement or wedding ring? Does money matter when it comes to it? Does it matter that your ring cost under $1,000, or will you get mad it’s not over $10,000?

Not going to lie, a ring from Tiffany & Co would be fabulous 🙂
And you can even design it (but what’s the fun in that… get HIM to design it)
Design Your Own!

But alas, we can be greedy and always want the best… we’ll love it no matter what it cost!

What’s Too Skinny?

13 Apr


This is considered PLUS SIZE.
Is it because we can’t see her rib cage?

I know, such a huge topic. It’s been debated all over the place. Some cities (not anywhere near North American sadly), but oversees have banned models that are “too skinny.”

Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, who looked perfectly fine in Freaky Friday and Mean Girls decided that being a size 4 was too fat, so she dropped to probably below a 0… same with Nicole Ritchie, who perhaps was about 10 pounds over, decided to drop to a -10 size.

Remember when “0” wasn’t a size? Now if you’re a “0,” you’re considered “fat.” Pretty sad isn’t it? It really is sad because all these girls growing up think it’s okay.. and with all the eating disorders out there and millions of girls starving themselves, why isn’t this industry doing anything about it?

I don’t know about you, but this is quite scary.

Laptop of the Future?

12 Apr


I came across this, it’s pretty fascinating. Kind of scares me though, because it seems so delicate. Also, you carry it over your shoulder, so it doesn’t need a proper laptop case, wouldn’t you be afraid of people staling it from you? It is pretty incredible though.

I highly recommend you watch the video to see how it works 🙂

Not going to lie… I want it 😛

How about you?????

Click to watch the promo demo