Miss Shopaholic

Shopping has always fascinated me. Not just my own, but everyone around me. Don’t you ever wonder why someone would purchase $600 shoes (something my sister is very familiar with) vs someone who sticks to $30 shoes?  Or why do you always buy a certain type of cheese, why not the other?

And why are most of us fascinated by what others purchase? I’m sure we’ve all asked our friend, “What did you buy?” after they’ve gone shopping. We’re just curious.

Fit 4 A Shopaholic is just that. I will be sharing photos of my latest purchase – everything from a new bag, to TTC tokens to milk! I will also offer advice, tips, prices, comparisons, trends, everything about shopping :) – and I hold nothing back, I’m not afraid to trash that latest pair of shoes everyone “MUST” have (remember those stupid Trucker hats?)

So sit back, and enjoy :)

2 Responses to “Miss Shopaholic”

  1. stringdancegirl January 27, 2010 at 5:26 am #

    I am definitely a shopoholic! Totally subscribing to this. 🙂

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