Snack Time!

1 Apr


I was reading the latest issue of O Magazine and these were listed as Oprah’s “O List” (her favourite things), and came across this: LunchSkins – reusable and dishwasher-safe sandwich and snack holder.

I’m all about reusable items, but I’m not sure about this. Why would you want to mix your fruits, peanuts, or sandwiches together? I think just getting one is not good enough. Because if you have let’s say an egg sandwich for lunch today, you get home and obviously it will smell like egg, there will be crumbs and obviously some egg would have “slipped” out of the sandwich. If you want to use it the next day for peanuts, you don’t want egg all over your peanuts! So you have to wash it… which isn’t really good for the environment (or your hydro bill!).

So I highly suggest getting one for your sandwiches, one for fruits, and one for any kind of snack.

PRICE: $8, 3GreenMoms,


One Response to “Snack Time!”

  1. Stacey April 3, 2010 at 2:58 am #

    I look at these and think “now why didn’t I invent that?” lol… what a great item!

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