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30 Mar

Popular Beauty Treatments

The thing……. um, no, let’s forget about this one. Getting jabbed with needles just so you won’t have a couple of lines is pretty… how should I say this? STUPID. Do we even know exactly what’s in these needles? I mean this stuff is getting injected into your body, doesn’t it seem a little weird?

Remember when you were a kid and you played in the rain and the mud, and then your skin was amazingly soft? Well, this is the grown up version. Lay back, relax, and let me mud settle over your skin. It feels amazing and somewhere deep down that little kid inside of you is rejoicing for that little bit of dirty time!

From eyebrows to knuckles to that delicate area that no one really wants to talk about waxing, people are getting waxed. I personally hope it’s one beauty treatment that will never lose it’s popularity.

Personally I love “getting waxed,” as I like to call it. Well not my knuckles, ouch? Of course getting waxed the first few times hurts like a ahem… but you get used to it. You won’t even notice it anymore! Getting my legs/eyebrows done is a breeeze. The great thing is the more you get waxed (so keep it on a monthly routine) the less hair grows in, and it comes in patches. I can actually go longer without plucking my eyebrows in between visits AND my legs barely grow hair anymore! 🙂 (The only thing that sucks is in extreme heat your hair grows in faster. I remember last year we went to Las Vegas – which we do every year, but last year we decided to go in June instead of the first week of August – and I had my legs waxed the day before we left. Well, because June is 115 degrees EVERY SINGLE DAY – so beautiful – the hair was growing back literally within two days!).

I am not one to let anyone touch my feet or hands. Why have someone paint your nails when you can do it yourself? Okay mind you, manicures are rather boring, I am not a fan.. I don’t see a difference. But for pedicures? I LOVE THEM. They are definitely worth the money. Because we walk on our feet all day, pedicures not only make your toes look pretty but it takes away all the dead skin and smoothes out your feet!

I’ve heard mixed reviews about this. It’s basically chemical peels for your face. Why not just get a facial? So I really don’t know about this one. I haven’t had it done, only because all the reviews I have been reading haven’t been the best. People either love it for their face, or they hate it. I mean it’s your face, it’s what people look at every day! I’m sure nothing drastic could happen – but I’m not taking my chance.

Who has does this? I really want to try it! Especially for facials.

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