2 Mar

Like most of you, we head on over to the Niagara Falls / Buffalo area for some shopping šŸ™‚ We used to go all the time, but then it became repetitive.. and everything looked the same. So we barely go now. Perhaps we were stuck in the ideal that because it says SALE, we somehow forget about the US / CAN money conversion and automatically think everything over there is cheaper.

That’s my theory. Sometimes you’re actually paying more for the same thing.. plus, all that gas your car uses to drive there? ‘Tsk.

Not to say there aren’t sales… because there are. So keep a watchful eye, and always bring a calculator!

My favourite designer Kate Spade now has a store, it’s always the first store I enter as well, and can actually spend quite a while in there. I picked up almost every bag, and came across this beauty. It actually was on sale, but a good sale.

You see, here in Toronto, this bag would probably be marked up somewhere around $350+.. but it was retailed in Buffalo for just over $400 US. It was marked down to $200, and obviously, bought by me šŸ™‚

The perfect summer bag. Bright summer colours and big enough inside to fit all my stuff.



It came in a few colours, metallic gold (yikes), a kind of weird green (nice, but definitely weird) and orange (my favourite). The perfect beach/pool bag, or just to grab coffee with friends.

PRICE: $200

Next was Ralph Lauren. POLO has had these flip flops (also in white + black horse) for a couple years now. My size was never available.. either the really big sizes were left, or the really small sizes. Thankfully it was my lucky day and my size 8 was there.


PRICE: $45

If you have Google Chrome, then download the KATE SPADE theme
Kate Spade theme


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